Maggi & Ruby

About Ruby Ruby is a gorgeous mare that I have had the privilege of working with over the last year. She was broke and trained western and so it’s been a learning curve for her to learn the new way we want her to go. She tends to get excited about jumping which sometimes makes … Continue reading Maggi & Ruby

Maggi & TicToc

A Little Bit About TicToc TicToc is one of our newer lesson horses. He is a super sweet guy. Before we got him, I get the impression that he mostly was a back yard or trail riding horse. When we brought him home and started jumping him, it became apparent that he has never jumped … Continue reading Maggi & TicToc

Stupid Cat!

I Didn’t Really Feel Like Writing Anything Serious Today! I’m still under a food coma from Thanksgiving dinner. Not to mention I’m still sick with a cold that just refuses to go away. Innocently Black Friday Shopping Online I was just sitting here on the bed, innocently Black Friday Christmas shopping online. Minding my own … Continue reading Stupid Cat!