5 Tips to Avoid Neuro-Fatigue

If you are a traumatic brain injury (TBI) patient and are rehabilitating from post-concussion syndrome (PCS). Unfortunately, you have probably experienced neuro-fatigue. What is Neuro-Fatigue? What is neuro-fatigue you ask? Neuro-fatigue is one of the most debilitating effects of acquired brain injury. It is a feeling of mental exhaustion that you cannot understand until you … Continue reading 5 Tips to Avoid Neuro-Fatigue

5. Goals For Adult Beginner Riders

You are doing great so far! You did your research. Found the right facility and instructor that you feel comfortable with, started taking weekly lessons, and hopefully started your riding journal. Now it’s time for setting goals tailored for adult beginner riders. Hopefully, you are enjoying your lessons and time with horses is everything that … Continue reading 5. Goals For Adult Beginner Riders