5 Tips to Avoid Neuro-Fatigue

2 thoughts on “5 Tips to Avoid Neuro-Fatigue”

  1. Thanks for this article. I struggle with having lower energy since I had a stroke in December 2015. It’s easy to forget this and try to do all the things I used to do in the course of a day, only to run out of steam before I’m even halfway through my list. It’s good to be reminded that this is par for the course and that not only is it okay to take things slower, it’s actually a good thing to do! Also, I’ve never liked crowds, but now I really dread them, partially because of my inability to hear and focus in one place, but also because I walk with a cane, and it’s too easy for people to knock me over. I plan to save your article so I can reread it when I feel overwhelmed and underpowered!

    1. I’m glad that my article was helpful to you! I have found that learning to pace myself to avoid neuro fatigue has been one of the hardest parts of the recovery process. Even when we take all the precautions to not let it happen, sometimes at least for me, I know it sneaks up on me before I even realize it’s coming! I totally relate to now being about to focus myself when there is a lot of noise around. It all just clumps together and becomes background noise, so I have to strain to focus which of course doesn’t help the situation. I have found that earplugs do help with this somewhat. I can also understand how you feel about going out places, I was stuck inside for so long , and had a hard time when I first started getting out of the house with my walker. It was super hard for me to use since I have lost depth perception in my vision. Not to mention the mental/emotional part of being embarrassed at being seen using the walker. I’m over that now and grateful to be able to get out and about even if it is hard. It still causes me anxiety depending on where I’m going and what I’m doing. I just keep trying to be positive, thinking about how it wasn’t long ago I would have done anything to be able to get up and go outside! Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

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