Hyde Farm Creature Report #3

4 thoughts on “Hyde Farm Creature Report #3”

  1. Wow! I haven’t seen the gray over here. How gorgeous!

    The does recognize Sr’s truck when he comes home. The one comes within 10 feet of him. In the morning, they’ll come out of the trees and stand there while he puts out the feed for the birds, etc. The fawns this year decided they like to eat peanuts while the does would stand watch. The bucks, no thanks. The alpha buck turned his nose up at that stuff! LOL He walked away and had herded the does on ahead but the one circled around and came back for her snack! As much as I like to watch their antics there are too many for this area. Hint, I hope your freezer is well stocked this winter!

    1. It is so funny how they do the same things at the same times every day. That is so cute that the fawns eat peanuts! Of course, the buck would be too cool to eat people treats!

    2. Over here on the shore, our deer are very much creatures of habit. I can be walking a dog and they will come within 25 feet of me, or just stand and look at me. But if anyone is with me, they run away.
      We also have way toooooo many. Even though we have a friend hunting our property, they play havoc with our soy bean or corn crop.

      Enjoy your blog Katie, and miss the farm.

      1. Yes, we have way too many here too! I was teaching a lesson the other day and three deer came out of the woods and just strutted right down past the ring towards the donkeys. Let’s just say the horses were not amused!
        My google photos showed me a memory from that day the last year and it was the day we came to watch Taylor ride in her horse show! That was a really fun day!
        Love and miss you guys!

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