Preakness Field 2019

Not only am I a horse crazy kid turned horse crazy grown up! I’m also a Marylander! Which means Preakness is a big deal to me! For your viewing pleasure here are pictures of this years gorgeous Preakness Contenders! Improbable War of Will Anothertwistafate Alwaysmining Owendale Bourbon War Warriors Charge Win Win Win Bodexpress Laughing … Continue reading Preakness Field 2019


A guest post by my blog partner in crime, Christina. #atleastshelearnedsomething Things I’ve learned this week fishing with boys for three 8-10 hour days in a row. They don’t announce when they’re peeing over the side of the boat. Never turn at the sound of splashing, it’s probably not a fish you’ll see. They don’t … Continue reading #FriendsFishingWithoutMe